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Granulo di Gomma

Eraser granule

Intended for applications in sports facilities and the manufacture of rubber artifacts.
Granulo di Gomma

Eraser Powder

Intended for energy recovery in cement mills to replace traditional fuel.

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Eco-laundering –

Applications of the Eraser Granule

Flooring for Sport

Eraser granule

The The latest generation of artificial turf football fields are one of the leading destinations in the sports sector of the SBR rubber granule,thanks to the special characteristics of the material that allow the coat to have the maximum playability and a perfect response with the requests of the technicians and players, in accordance with the regulations established by the National Amateur League. The rubber grain is, in fact, the performance clog material of the football fields.

Equestrian Fields

Eraser granule

In addition to football pitches, rubber recycled by PFU is also applied in other sports sectors such ashorse riding. Thus the sand is increasingly replaced by the recycled rubber granule “nobilitato”, often brown, which guarantees a longer life of the material and preserves it from the elements. It also has a high drainage capacity,is non-slip, slippery and resistant to deformations.

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